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“That’s what interests me about The Doctor because, actually, look at the blood on the man’s hands. 900 years, countless very selfish choices, and he’s literally blown planets up. His own race, you know, that’s all on his hands. Which is why I think he has to make silly jokes and wear a fez. Because if he didn’t, he’d hang himself.” - Matt Smith


So at first I was really upset with 11’s death because I felt like he didn’t actually die. Every other Doctor gave his life to directly help someone he truly, deeply cared for, but 11 just kept getting older until the Time Lords decided it was time for him to regenerate.

And then I thought about that for a while, and I realized that 11’s regeneration was actually the most beautiful of them all. Because every other Doctor gave his life to directly help someone, but the Time Lords came to him and basically said, “No. You’ve selflessly died too many times. Just this once, you live.”



i asked my mom how she met my dad and she said at a college basketball game this guy got distracted and got hit by the ball and got a huge bloody nose and he came up to her after the game and said “i was distracted by you” with like blood all over his face and jersey

so i asked my dad and he said “my friend told me he’d give me 10 bucks if i asked a girl out with my broken nose and she said yes”

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